Acupuncture for Fertility

 9th June 2016

With 18 years’ of clinical experience Simon can confidently offer quality service for those who want acupuncture treatment for natural and assisted fertility, and also in pregnancy.

Simon is working with an ever increasing number of people whom require this support.

Acupuncture can help in the following ways……

Research shows that acupuncture may assist fertility by regulating hormones and the menstrual cycle, increasing blood flow to reproductive organs, counteracting the effect of cysts, and dysfunction of ovulation and implantation. Acupuncture treatment is appropriate for anyone who wants to improve their health to maximise their chances of a getting pregnant.

Support during IVF or other medically assisted fertility procedures:
Some people chose to have acupuncture at the time of ‘embryo transfer’. And from the small number of clinical trials that have been done, most of them indicate a slight increase in the incidence of conception and live birth following acupuncture. At Devonshire Acupuncture, we recommend treatment in the weeks before transfer either in the pre-conception stage (see above) or from the beginning of the medical process. The aim of treatment is to support you and your body through the process to a successful outcome.

Acupuncture in Pregnancy
In the hands of a specialist, acupuncture is completely safe during pregnancy for the treatment of physical and emotional symptoms. Commonly, people come with morning sickness, pain, sleep disturbance, tiredness or emotional imbalance.

Traditionally, Chinese medical acupuncture has been used to turn a breech baby (from 33 weeks) and to promote the onset of labour.

Acupuncture is useful at any time after the birth and you can come with any kind of symptoms. You can keep your baby with you during the treatment, or you may prefer to come by your self for an hour of ‘Rejuvenating Me Time’.

If you’d like to talk about you specific situation, please give us a call. Simon is happy to give free 15 minute telephone consultations.

Best Wishes, Devonshire Acupuncture