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Acupuncture for Relaxation: An Often Overlooked Benefit

 27th July 2016


The Importance of Relaxation

We recently had a patient share with me that, when she tells friend how relaxing her treatments are, they often respond with exclamations of surprise. This is the very thing that we often forget to shout about- and it is the very thing that can make acupuncture so effective. We all know that as soon as you start to properly relax about an issue or a problem, that it has an uncanny way of sorting itself out!


Acupuncture for Relaxation

Patients recall being nervous about the potential pain, and skeptical of the outcome.  An acupuncture treatment at Devonshire Acupuncture isn’t like a trip to the doctor for a yearly physical exam, and in fact, has the potential to be an enjoyable and indulgent experience. Acupuncture visits to the Clinic feel more like a pampering treatment at a spa than a visit to the minor emergency for bronchitis.  There are no fluorescent lights, photos of horrible rashes, or cold metallic chairs and instead our treatment rooms are relaxing, homely, and cosy,

After acupuncture, many people report a deep, peaceful relaxation.  Several of our patients tell us that they get their best quality sleep during their acupuncture sessions.  I have also had it said that acupuncture is a sort of disciplined meditation, that one can’t get anywhere else.  After all, you have tiny needles setting the healing tone, moving qi, and inducing a nurturing release of tense tissues.  Your phone won’t ring, the dogs won’t scratch at the door, there are no crying babies or dirty dishes in the periphery.  Just you and time to focus on yourself and your healing.

The need for a meditative practice is obvious to us in the industrialized world.   A trip to the clinic for acupuncture is an invitation to unwind, surrender, and restore balance.  If you know you need some time to de-stress, and have a hard time making it to the meditation pillow, allow us to help you tap into your happy place. Your treatment will help keep you healthy! And if you are suffering from pain or illness, then the relaxation is simply an added benefit.