New 4 Week Course To Reduce Stresses & Struggles In Your Life

 13th April 2016
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Do you find it difficult to achieve your ideal weight or size?  What caused you to gain weight?

Let’s find out & turn your struggle into success

Week 1: Introduction– tochange anything in life, we need to understand what’s going on, so we explore the role ofemotions & beliefs & perspectives (exploring the topic)

Week 2: Let’s Investigate 

You!We’ll play detective using practical tools -EFT, NLP to uncover your own beliefs about the money, health, or stress


Do you struggle to get money or hold on to it?

What determines your relationship with money?  Let’s find out & start to change it now


Tricia Mitchell,mBITTrainer, 

Mind Calm Coach, EFT, NLP, 

META-Health, META-Kinetics, 

Access Consciousness, Reiki, 

Hypnotherapy, Mind Detox

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What causes stress? What happens in the body when we become anxious?  Take control & start

to change how it impacts your life


What causes our bodies to develop symptoms? E.g Stomach issues – do you find situations in life difficult to digest? We’ll explore the link between our environment, beliefs, emotions & health

Week 3: Find the Root!There may be lots of events in your life connected to the block we want to change. Like pesky weeds growing in your garden, it may take a bit of work to find the root, so we can pull it out in weeks 3 or 4 

Week 4: Uprooting the weeds!Like weeds, our beliefs can have strong roots & be resistant (e.g. ours values & identity). We address barriers to change & unlock them