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Our Recent Patient Reviews On Facebook

 27th June 2015

Take a look at our Facebook page for interesting articles, updates and reports about acupuncture, diet, staying healthy and enhancing your well-being.There are also some reviews that have been posted by patients that you might like to check out.

Patient Reviews

“Everyone laughs at me when I say I have acupuncture. Why? Because I have a big phobia of needles. Simon has been treating me for the last 5 years, and even though I still have my phobia, Simon makes me feel comfortable every time. Thanks Simon” (EG)

“Been coming for acupuncture with Simon for the last 7 years for long term medical conditions that I have. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else! Always feel better a day after having treatment and feel so comfortable and relaxed too :)” (HLL)

“First visit today with a very painful shoulder, don’t put off visiting, very worth while, Simon is very good at putting you at ease and even if you are scared of needles, don’t be, it’s nothing……really, just very relaxing and worth every penny, can’t wait for next week.” (SR)

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