Customer Reviews
"My wife and I have been treated by Simon for quite a few years and have always found him to be a very professional and caring therapist. He has an excellent manner and makes each session a pleasant and worthwhile experience delivering good outcomes. We would not hesitate to recommend his services to others."
John Thorpe, 2015Sheffield
I have been treated by Simon over several years and am always impressed because what he does actually makes a difference. Since seeing Simon I have forgotten what my GP's surgery looks like and my general health is much better. Antibiotics are a thing of the past, as are the frequent chest infections for which they seemed the only solution. Acupuncture has somehow boosted my immune system. Simon also offers very effective treatment to relieve muscular and arthritic pain. The benefits of acupuncture are evident to me and I would definitely recommend visiting Simon for a wide variety of health issues.
Ken Askew, 2015Sheffield
"``I have been a patient of Simon for many years & have found his treatment to be highly effective. He is excellent at diagnosing problems & successfully treating them. I would recommend Simon to anyone as a first class acupuncturist.``"
JH, 2015Sheffield
``I have been a patient of Simon's for many years now, and I have to say that he has totally changed my life where my asthma is concerned. Previously, if I had any sort of virus, it would inevitably go straight to my chest and cause me breathing problems for several months; nowadays, if I have a cold, I simply shrug it off and my breathing remains unaffected. Simon has also treated me for joint pain in the past, and this has also been very effective. I enjoy going to see Simon, not just because he's a great acupuncturist, but also because he's very easy to talk to, and we always end up having a laugh.``
SJF, 2015 Sheffield
"Best acupuncturist I have ever known. Insightful, genuine, very experienced and his treatment is highly effective."
John Anderson, 2015Sheffield
“Simon was recommended to me when I started with bladder problems, anxiety attacks and hot flushes due to going into the menopause. Before seeing Simon and undergoing treatment I was uncomfortable most of the time. I have been having treatment for two years, once a month. My symptoms have considerably improved, sometimes nonexistent, which makes me feel normal again.”
VH, 2012 Pembrokeshire
"“I was first recommended to see Simon during a period of prolonged stress related to my business, which had created a great deal of anxiety. Simon’s treatment was very effective in significantly reducing my level of stress and anxiety. I now see Simon regularly, but less frequently to keep me ‘tuned’. Acupuncture has been a real benefit to me and I would recommend Simon without hesitation.”"
TC, 2014 Pembrokeshire
“I have been receiving acupuncture treatment from Simon for a number of years. I have found the treatments very effective and the support and care that he exercises to be of the highest standard. When I first started acupuncture I was afraid it would hurt, but I have never found it anything other than helpful with both physical and mental issues. When I hurt my shoulder the acupuncture sorted it out almost like magic! I was very impressed! I am always calmer, more centred, and less stressed after a treatment. Simon is unfailingly friendly, helpful and an excellent practitioner with whom it has been a pleasure to work with as a patient.”
LH, 2013 Pembrokeshire
"“I have an ongoing back problem after two spinal fusion operations. My mobility is always vastly improved after treatment and pain levels are kept under control. I find Simon very easy to talk to and he has a very genuine desire to help make everyone’s life a little easier to manage. I thoroughly recommend treatment and my husband and daughter are also having treatment- it’s easy to give my support to coming here!”"
CW, 2013 Pembrokeshire
“I have been having treatments with Simon for a number of years. Initially I had treatment for a shoulder spasm and the acupuncture was very effective in my recovery of this. Other treatments have been helpful for other physical conditions such as the pain resulting from a torn cruciate ligament in my knee and also for hay fever. Simon has also helped with treating me for work related stress and recovery from a nervous breakdown. Simon’s manner is always friendly, empathetic and reassuring. The treatments have been relaxing and stress relieving and performed with great knowledge and skill, and also in a holistic manner.”
MP, 2013 Pembrokeshire
"“Simon has been treating my chronic back pain wonderfully for several years and makes my life bearable. He has a professional but easy going manner which makes each appointment a pleasure.” "
LS, 2014 Pembrokeshire
“I have used acupuncture for several years and recently started coming to Simon after having a baby. Acupuncture has been my savior for many symptoms including lack of energy, water infections, constipation, piles and my general well-being. Every woman who has given birth needs acupuncture- it works!”
EP, 2014 Pembrokeshire
"``First visit today with a very painful shoulder, don't put off visiting, very worth while, Simon is very good at putting you at ease and even if you are scared of needles, don't be, it's nothing......really, just very relaxing and worth every penny, can't wait for next week.``"
``Everyone laughs at me when I say I have acupuncture. Why? Because I have a big phobia of needles. Simon has been treating me for the last 5 years, and even though I still have my phobia, Simon makes me feel comfortable every time. Thanks Simon.``
"``Been coming for acupuncture with Simon for the last 7 years for long term medical conditions that I have. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else! Always feel better a day after having treatment and feel so comfortable and relaxed too :)``"
``I started seeing Simon or acupuncture because I have been suffering with chronic hand eczema for several years. The treatment has given me much relief from the inflammation and discomfort, but it has also benefitted me in several other ways. Simon works holistically and I have found him easy to talk to. He has shed light on various problems I have been struggling to understand. I have felt stronger in myself, to express feelings, as though something has been 'freed up' in me. I have, as a result, had less headaches as well as the hand eczema (that would often flare up when I am stressed.``
Karen Oliffe, August 2016Sheffield

Please note that all testimonials have been given with full consent of the patient, and any treatment with Simon is strictly private and confidential.